Sarah Mallet: 18th Century Preacher
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Sarah Mallet (1764-1846) was one of the very small group of women, authorised by John Wesley to become a preacher, in the early days of Methodism.

After Wesley's death, she married, and as Sarah Boyce, she continued to preach for another forty years - despite the ban on female preaching, imposed by the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1803.

Very little has been written about her - and the few 'facts' that are mentioned now turn out to be inaccurate in many cases. Following exhaustive research, and the discovery of a number of original documents that had not been seen by previous writers on this subject, a biography of her (containing many previously unpublished details) was written by David East.

Would you like to know more about women preachers, and Sarah in particular ?

The best source is the book My Dear Sally which was published (by World Methodist Historical Society Publications) in May 2003, priced at five pounds (UK - sterling). If you would like a copy, or if you have any information about which the author might be interested, please contact him: reveast[at]hotmail[dot]com, showing the subject of your e-mail as 'Sarah Mallet'.

One of John Wesley's letters to Sarah

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Women Preachers: Sarah Mallett/Boyce